Sunday, November 30, 2014


The end of next month will be the 2 year mark when I returned to reefing and I may just have to do a summary of the year in general.

Aquarium 1 (1 ft cube - 27 litres)
Looking at this aquarium, it has very few corals and I lost a few recent fishes addition to marine ich. The few small sized fishes include a Coral Beauty, a Copperband Butterfly and a Raccoon Butterfly. What a pity because they were such lovely fishes. The new 1 inch Regal Blue Tang suffered from the same marine ich on and off but it is generally fine.

I am having a snails problem but just the other day, I started feeding the Bubble Coral with these snails and it seemed fine. At least now, I do not have to net out the snails and can use it as food to feed the Bubble.

The list of livestock is as follows: 
  • Fishes 
    • Yellow Shrimp Goby
    • 2 true Percula ocellaris clowns
    • Hector Goby
    • Regal Blue Tang
  • Invertebrates 
    • 3 Turbo Snails 
    • Nassarius Snail
    • Tuxedo Sea Urchin 
  • Corals
    • LPS
      • 2 Acans
      • mega Blasto
      • Bubble Coral
    • Soft Corals
      • Rose Bud Tip Anemone and Bud Tip Anemone
      • bleached green tipped Leather Coral
    • Polyps
      • unknown green coral
      • Anthelia frag
      • Zoas
    • Mushrooms 
      • a few blue Actinodiscus mushrooms
      • a few green Rhodactis mushrooms
  • Macroalgae
    • green Caulerpa
    • red algae
The technical information is as follows:
  • Dolphin H-200 hang-on-back filter
  • Shiruba XB-303 External Filter
  • Maxspect Razor Nano 60W (10,000K) 
  • Tunze Osmolator Nano
  • Boyu Cooling Fan 
the most obvious thing that stands out is the Caulerpa

pair of true Percula Clowns and Regal Blue Tang

Bubble Coral

bleached Leather Coral

Tuxedo Sea Urchin

Mega Blasto

    Aquarium 3 (3 x 1.5 x 1.5 feet and sump - 250 litres)
    I added a piece of rock from the Ng couple and now I can possibly add on a few more sps or corals to the aquarium. There are still areas where I can still add a few more pieces of rocks to elevate the corals closer to the water surface.

    I lost a pink Millepora and a light orange Chalice and it looks like the brain is also wasting away.

    The updated list of livestock is:
    • Fishes
      • false Percula Clown Fish
      • 2 black Clowns
      • Purple Tang
      • Blue-yellow Damsel
      • Six Line Wrasse
      • Yellow Tang
    • Invertebrates
      • Turbo and Nassarius snails
      • red Linckia starfish and purple Linckia starfish
      • 2 Tuxedo Urchins
      • Cleaner Skunk Shrimp
      • Fire Shrimp
      • orange Sea Squirt
    • Corals
      • SPS
        • Horn Coral
        • 2 frags of green digitata
        • frag of pink Pocci
        • frag of Birdnest
        • frag of pink Birdnest
        • frag of purple digitata
        • frag of radioactive Birdnest
        • 2 frags of Fibre Optic Pocci
        • frag of green Stylophora
        • green Monti cap
        • frag of red digitata
        • frag of sunset Monti
        • frag of unknown green stag
        • 2 green frags
        • purple stag
        • blue sps
        • blue stag
        • purple Birdnest
        • orange sps
        • purple sps
        • green Pocci
        • Strawberry sps
        • a few unknown sps
      • LPS
        • 4 Acans
        • Hammer Coral
        • Supersun Coral
        • red Brain Coral (dying)
        • 2 Blastos
        • orange Chalice
        • yellow Bubble Coral
        • unknown orange coral
        • Octo Coral
      • Mushrooms
        • orange Ricordea yuma mushrooms
        • rock of blue Actinodiscus mushrooms
        • brown hairy mushrooms
      • Soft Corals
        • 2 Chili Corals
        • red Flower Rock Anemone
        • 2 pink Rose Bud Tip Anemones
        • green tipped anemone
        • grey pulsing Xenia
      • Polyps 
        • purple Zoas
        • green Palythoa
        • Glove Polyps
        • 1 brown and 4 green Star Polyps
    • Macroalgae
      • Caulerpa
      • Chaetomorpha
      • red Bamboo
      The technical details are:
      • Jebao Marine Aqua DC-6000 return pump
      • Maxspect R420R 16,000K 160W
      • Reef Octopus BH1000 skimmer
      • 2 Two Little Fishes Phosban Reactor running Phosban
      • Cooling Fan
      • Fluval 3 external filter
      • MP25 and RW-8 wavemaker
      • Tunze Nano Osmolator
      • Marine Magic Triplet Dosing
      this month's FTS

      the left side
      the right side

      the two Poccis and one Birdnest

      the deep sea Acroporas

      the two LPS - Octo Coral and Hammer Coral

      the Bubble Coral

      the Stylophora

      the few SPS

      the Cleaner Skunk Shrimp

      close-up of green Pocci

      close-up of Birdnest

      close-up of Birdnest

      the Acans are like swollen and puffed up

      another Acan and pulsing stalked Xenia

      pair of Yellow Gobies

      orange Sea Squirt

      the recovered red Flower Rock Anemone

      another Acan

      Sunset Monti and Radioactive Birdnest

      SPS, Green Star Polyps and Supersun Coral

      Supersun and unknown SPS

      another unknown SPS