Monday, March 13, 2017


I feel so bad now. Just yesterday, I was rejoicing that my fishes are getting along well, including both Flame Angels. I even posted the photos on my Facebook with the intention of also posting here.

But alas, when I came back to day, I saw my bigger Flame Angel dead. Not long ago, I realized my sps are all stressed with retracted polyps. I also lost a green Plate and even my big Octopus coral seemed stressed and dying.

Sometimes, it is really better not to rejoice too soon.

I also realized that my Yellow Clown Goby was missing since I don't know when. In addition, I lost my Chaetomorpha algae and other green algae in my sump tank some months ago. On hindsight, it could be related to the time I started running the NP reducing pellets in the reactor. However, the green bubble algae is no longer cute to me. I found it growing over quite a bit of my Zoas etc.

my dead Flame Angel

there were no visible signs of injury