Thursday, January 31, 2013

DAYS 29 AND 30

The sexy shrimps are really comfortable and have been walking over the corals everywhere. 

As for Coco, there was a mishap and Sunny toppled over her a couple of times because of the wandering snails. When I returned home yesterday, I saw that one of the crowns broke off and was in the sand layer. So poor Coco is just feeding with one crown.

That is not all. The Caulerpa became sexual and crashed by turning almost white. I had to excise the majority of the leaves off to prevent severe pollution of the water. So much for the finale.

Monday, January 28, 2013

DAYS 27 AND 28

It's almost the end of the month soon and before I list down all the live stock I have in this pico aquarium of barely 27 litres, I will post more photos of them in my small tank.

Penny has become bolder and has been seen venturing out into the open more often now, especially when the Sexy Shrimps are blatantly swinging their butts all the time.

I just pity the mini Zoas and mushrooms because now they get trampled all over all the time.

Coco is opening up beautifully, I must say. Oh, I think I have been neglecting Claudia for a while and haven't been paying much attention to her despite her efforts of sashaying across the waters all the time. She too, appears to be hosting the single red mushy amongst the mini green Zoas.

By the way, I feel very freaked out by the Nassarius snails because they glide at incredible speeds across the aquarium. When I fed Sunny yesterday, one of them appeared out of nowhere and climbed all over it. After feasting on Sunny's food, the detritus eating snail went back into its hiding place in the sand and sent out its long proboscis, like an alien's probe out of the sand. I tell you, their behaviour is creeping me out.

Looking at all these, I feel tempted to do a 1.5 ft tank instead so that I can house more stuff.

DAY 26

I got a few additions and when I dumped the 2 Nassarius snails into the tank, they immediately scurried off into the sand and burrowed right into it. What astounded me was I saw Penny next to them and was worried for a second if I crushed her to death.

Fortunately, I saw the real Penny somewhere behind the rock works. So the one I saw earlier was her moult, which was a good decoy.

I know how sensitive shrimps can be, so I took time to acclimatize a bag of 10 dancing Sexy Shrimps, which were about 1 cm in length. Actually, I didn't want to have so many of them and I think I would have to give some away when they grow bigger. The blue and red mushrooms were still adjusting to their new environment. The Coco-worm, which I shall just name Coco Lee Wen, oops I mean Coco, was doing fine too.

After releasing the Sexy Shrimps, it is a joy to watch them gather together and do their butt swaying in the water. It is now a routine for me to fall in all of them every day, at different times of the day, to do a headcount and watch their dancing routine. It's amazing how they love to gather around in their groups in the open, so it's pretty easy to find them. They seemed to be hosting the green mini Zoas and red mushrooms. I just hope they won't start tearing them apart when they go all hungry.

DAY 25

This was how Sunny looked after a grueling feeding session by me right into the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

DAY 24

It was after many days of target feed that I managed to get Sunny to be more opened and receptive to the Mysis Shrimps I fed it. I wonder how long more would it take to get it to open up fully?

DAY 21

I discovered a stowaway on my tank when I saw a small clam-like creature crawling across the glass slowly. Well, I have no idea what it actually is.

Penny decided to come out of hiding and was busy sweeping it's fans in the water. Chris has also become more bold and started stealing food that I fed Sunny. It had been an arduous task feeding Sunny, sometimes for hours on end, when it didn't readily open up despite the presence of food.

DAY 20

This is a post to update the photos of the aquarium. Chris was taking baby steps to come out into the open. The Daisy or Jasmine Polyp, Galaxy Star Polyp corals and Xenia are looking better and better with each day.