Saturday, April 30, 2016


This was an exciting month and I shall elaborate more below.

Aquarium 1  (1 ft cube - 27 litres)
I started running the AOL 60 litres chiller and transferred the pink Rose Bud Tip Anemone from aquarium 3 to this tank, together with the Golden Maroon Clown, where it immediately split into 2 separate anemones under the stress.

Interestingly, I noticed there were suddenly a lot of pods on the glass and I wonder where they came from?

The livestock are:
  • Fishes
    • Golden Maroon Clown
    • Hector Goby (I am trying to locate it)
  • Invertebrates
    • Turbo Snails
    • Cleaner Skunk Shrimp
  • Corals
    • LPS
      • 2 Supersun Corals
    • Soft Corals
      • pink Rose Bud Tip Anemone
  • Macroalgae
      • green Algae
      • Chaetomorpha algae
    The technical information is as follows:
    • Atman HF-0600 HOB Filter
    • Maxspect Razor Nano 60W (10,000K)
    • Tunze Nano Osmolator
    • AOL 60 litres chiller
    the rose bud tip anemone with Golden Maroon Clown

    Hector Goby

    the split

    the white spots on the glass are the pods

    Aquarium 3 (3 x 1.5 x 1.5 feet and sump - 250 litres)
    I lost the False Percula Clown fish, which was with me for a long time, that I transferred over from aquarium 1. A few days into the month, the Clown fish disappeared from view and I am quite certain it was dead from the bullying by the Golden Maroon Clown.

    On a separate note, I purchased the Aqua Illumination Hydra 52 HD light and it was easily setup. I would be monitoring the effectiveness of it on the corals in the weeks to come. I also purchased a 22 kg tub of Aquaforest Probiotic Reef Salt, the Pro S (bacteria) and NP Pro (polymer for bacteria), which I read on the Sg Reefers Forum to be very good in controlling the phosphates and nitrates and colouring up the corals. I would be monitoring and reporting the effectiveness of this for my system over the next few weeks when I start changing the water with the new salt.

    Anyway, I wasn't pleased with the current scaping of this aquarium, so I spent some time re-scaping it last night to achieve the following:
    • switch my 3 green Pocci corals around - the larger one from the right to the left and the 2 smaller ones to the right to provide more balance and more light on the right;
    • remove the luminous green Tree Coral from the left and switch it to the right;
    • remove the rock works touching the left and right side of the glass;
    • relocate the temporary rock works on the left foreground; and
    • provide more areas on the rock works for new corals to be added on in future.
    The monthly updated list of livestock is as follows:
    • Fishes
      • 2 Blue-yellow Damsels
      • Flame Angel
      • Regal Blue Tang
      • Orange Striped Prawn Goby
      • True Percula Clown
      • Royal Gramma
      • Yellow Clown Goby
      • Yellow Wrasse
      • Yellow Tang
      • Heniochus diphreutes
    • Invertebrates
      • Turbo and Nassarius snails
      • 2 Tuxedo Urchins
      • Cleaner Skunk Shrimp
      • Golden Stenopus Shrimp
      • Fire Shrimp
    • Corals
      • SPS
        • Horn Coral
        • Poccillopora
        • orange Cyphastrea
        • Red Planet
        • red Acropora digitata
        • green Poccillopora - 2 frags
        • unknown green
        • 2 Radioactive Bird Nest frags
        • green Acropora digitata
        • 2 unknown Acropora
        • pink tabling Millepora
        • smooth-skinned deep water Acropora suharsonoi
        • red/brown Poccillopora
        • red Millepora
        • brown with blue-tip Millepora frags
        • green deep sea Acropora
        • Forest Fire Acropora digitata
        • yellow Birdnest
        • pink Birdnest
        • red Acropora digitata frag
        • Acropora valida frag
      • LPS
        • Hammer Coral (purple green)
        • green Candy Cane
        • Duncan Coral
        • Fox Coral
        • yellow Torch Coral that turned green (left 2 heads)
        • Hammer Coral (light purple green)
        • Bubble Coral
      • Mushrooms
        • green Ricordea yuma mushrooms
        • red mushroom
        • green mushroom
        • blue mushroom
      • Soft Corals
        • Chilli Coral
        • Toadstool Leather Mushroom
        • luminous green Tree Coral
        • pulsing Xenia
        • cyan Tree Coral
      • Polyps
        • purple Zoas
        • Fiery Red Zoas
        • 5 assorted Zoas
        • 2 green Palythoa
        • 3 green Star Polyps
        • 2 Clove Polyps (2 gold)
        • pink Zoas
        • green base purple skirt Paly
        • green base brown skirt Zoas
    • Macroalgae (in sump)
      • Chaetomorpha
      • red Bamboo
      • green Bubble algae
      The technical details are:
      • Jebao Marine Aqua DC-6000 return pump
      • Aqua Illumination Hydra 52 HD
      • Sanrise Aqua Pro (without wifi) 30 cm
      • Hailea HS-66A chiller
      • Skimz skimmer
      • Two Little Fishes Phosban Reactor running Phosguard
      • Maxspect Gyre
      • Tunze Nano Osmolator
      • Marine Magic Triplet Dosing
      FTS of the aquarium under Aqua Sanrise and AI Hydra 52 HD lights

      I removed the overcrowded Zoas here to allow the yellow one to grow

      the relocated Horn Coral beside the outlet and the big Pocci on the right

      FTS under 100% AI Hydra 52 HD lights which is more white

      hopefully this blue Acropora will colour up in the upcoming weeks

      this is actually a green polyps Pocci

      the yellow Zoas

      I relocated this green A. digitata that bleached previously

      the Rose Bud Tip Anemone before I transferred it

      the new resident Banner Fish

      the beautiful pink Birdnest

      the mixed frag of A. valida and an unknown sps

      I am happy that this green Acropora retained its colour

      the new A. digitata

      one of 2 corals that revived

      the yellow Birdnest

      I hope it has enough food to eat

      the pink Millepora

      I just couldn't get a clear view of my favourite Flame Angel
      this was the FTS after the rescaping and down-tuning the Sanrise and 100% AI Hydra 52 HD lighting

      the left side with empty branches on the rocks

      the top view of the left side

      the empty rock works towards the foreground and larger Pocci on the right

      the top view of the more complete right side

      the FTS with down-tuning of the AI Hydra 52 HD lights to give a more white look

      the colours of the corals look pale under this setting

      a better view of the bare branches and I love the blue from the Sanrise

      the 2 smaller Pocci corals were relocated to the right side