Wednesday, September 30, 2015


I have really been kind of busy this month, so there are no interim updates. Something that I did was to change back the IOS aquarium 4 back to aquarium 1.

Today was an exciting day because I made my only trip of the month to 2 lfs and bought some stuff, including 9 Turbo snails to help clear the algae in the aquariums, which I have updated below. I also did a minor rescape today but I was too lazy to take the photos.

Aquarium 3 (3 x 1.5 x 1.5 feet and sump - 250 litres)
The Golden Maroon has grown so much in size and it is constantly bullying the other 2 clowns. I must get a trap to fish it out someday.

The Red Planet is looking better with each passing day while the Duncan coral has sprouted 2 smaller heads on its side. On top of that, the red digitata that I bought in Taiwan in June has grown considerably, although it lost much of its red colour. Now I have 2 more beautiful digitata SPS into the aquarium, and I will keep it that way for now.

The monthly updated list of livestock is as follows:
  • Fishes
    • Purple Tang
    • 2 Blue-yellow Damsels
    • Yellow Tang
    • Flame Angel
    • Regal Blue Tang
    • Yellow Wrasse
    • Orange Striped Prawn Goby
    • True Percula Clown
    • Golden Maroon Clown
    • Royal Gramma
    • Yellow Clown Goby
    • Black Percula Clown
  • Invertebrates
    • Turbo and Nassarius snails
    • purple Linckia starfish
    • Tuxedo Urchins
    • 2 Cleaner Skunk Shrimps
    • Fire Shrimp
    • Golden Stenopus Shrimp
  • Corals
    • SPS
      • Horn Coral
      • Poccillopora
      • orange Cyphastrea
      • Red Planet
      • red Acropora digitata
      • green Poccillopora
      • red encrusting monti plate
      • unknown green
      • Radioactive Bird Nest frag
      • Bird Nest frag
      • green Acropora digitata
      • cyan blue Acropora digitata
      • red Acropora digitata
      • unknown browned out SPS
      • unknown sps
    • LPS
      • Acan
      • 2 Hammer Corals (peach and purple green)
      • Supersun Coral frag
      • branched Octo Corals (half green and half peach)
      • Goniopora Corals (purple tentacles green center)
      • Alveopora Coral
      • green Candy Cane
      • Duncan Coral
      • Fox Coral
    • Mushrooms
      • orange Ricordea yuma mushrooms
      • green Ricordea yuma mushrooms
      • red mushroom
      • purple mushroom
      • green mushroom
    • Soft Corals
      • Chilli Coral
      • red Flower Rock Anemone
      • 2 pink Rose Bud Tip Anemones
      • Toadstool Leather Mushroom
      • branched Finger Coral
      • 2 Gorgonians (purple branch with brown polyps, yellow branch and polyps)
      • luminous green tree
      • grey pulsing Xenia
      • 2 Xenia trees
    • Polyps
      • purple Zoas
      • Fiery Red Zoas
      • 5 assorted Zoas
      • 2 green Palythoa
      • 3 green Star Polyps
      • 5 Clove Polyps (2 gold, 1 green and 2 common)
      • 3 Daisy Polyps (brown and 2 green eyes)
      • 15 frag plugs of Zoas
      • green Clove
      • pink Zoas
      • yellow frag
      • green base purple skirt Paly
      • green base brown skirt Zoas
  • Macroalgae (in sump)
    • Chaetomorpha
    • red Bamboo
    • green Bubble algae
    The technical details are:
    • Jebao Marine Aqua DC-6000 return pump
    • Maxspect R420R 16,000K 160W
    • Solite 2 x 24W T5 lights
    • Hailea HS-66A chiller
    • Reef Octopus BH1000 skimmer
    • Two Little Fishes Phosban Reactor running Phosban
    • 2 RW-8 wavemakers
    • Tunze Nano Osmolator
    • Marine Magic Triplet Dosing
    the orange colour of the Cyphastrea didn't come out

    the Red Planet under white light

    the Rose Bud Tip Anemone

    under blue lights

    the Red Planet SPS

    Cyphastrea under blue lights

    a deteriorating Pocci
    view from the top

    the left side

    the right side

    one of my favourite GSPs

    the Red Planet with polyps

    the photos don't do justice to some of the Zoas

    the slightly washed out but growing digitata

    a Bird Nest frag

    the same Cyphastrea

    the Pocci
    some nice Zoas
    a fts under white lights

    the Bird Nest frag

    a deteriorating Pocci

    green Yuma mushrooms

    the new green digitata

    the new cyan blue digitata

    I shifted this Bird Nest frag

    Aquarium 1  (1 ft cube - 27 litres)

    I switch it back to a smaller aquarium as before since it is more manageable and there are only 3 fishes, including my first Herald's Angel.

    The livestock are:
    • Fishes
      • False Percula Clownfish
      • Hector Goby
      • Herald's Angel (juvenile)
    • Invertebrates
      • Turbo Snails
      • Tuxedo Sea Urchin
    • Corals
      • Soft Coral
        • a few blue Actinodiscus mushrooms
      • Polyps
        • Zoas
      • Macroalgae
          • green Algae
          • red algae
      The technical information is as follows:
      • Atman HF-0600 HOB Filter
      • Maxspect Razor Nano 60W (10,000K)

      the other bully

      the peaceful Hector Goby

      this Sea Urchin is cute!

      lucky it is not shy