Friday, July 31, 2015


I wasn't particularly busy this month but the SPS acquisitions were far and few. A few older SPS got bleached but the majority seemed alright. Ok, I have to admit that the lowered temperature must have helped partially since this is considered one of my more successful months in SPS keeping.

The updates are presented below.

Aquarium 3 (3 x 1.5 x 1.5 feet and sump - 250 litres)
I am quite sad that one of those mornings, I stopped seeing the Majestic Angel and I have never seen it since. Similarly, the Fire Gobies also seemed to disappear finally.

Last month, I mentioned that the Red Planet Acro was like an indicator species on the health of my reef aquarium. This month it looked even better with a green base and many extended polyps. However, the lights don't seemed to be able to colour up the majority of the SPS and they seemed to be less vibrant in colour than when I bought it.

On the other hand, some of my LPS e.g. bubble coral, octo-coral, flower pot coral, though seemed to deteriorate slowly and waste away gradually.

I have also added 3 zoas frags from Steven of LCK201 but a few earlier ones melted away after I attempted to detach them from the frag and pasted them directly onto the rocks etc.

The monthly updated list of livestock is as follows:
  • Fishes
    • Purple Tang
    • 2 Blue-yellow Damsels
    • Yellow Tang
    • Flame Angel
    • Regal Blue Tang
    • Yellow Wrasse
    • Orange Striped Prawn Goby
    • 2 True Percula Clowns
    • Golden Maroon Clown
    • Royal Gramma
    • Yellow Clown Goby
    • Black Percula Clown
  • Invertebrates
    • Turbo and Nassarius snails
    • 2 red Linckia starfishes
    • purple Linckia starfish
    • 2 Tuxedo Urchins
    • 3 Cleaner Skunk Shrimps
    • Fire Shrimp
    • Golden Stenopus Shrimp
  • Corals
    • SPS
      • Horn Coral
      • Poccillopora
      • orange Cyphastrea
      • Red Planet
      • red Acropora digitata
      • monti (bleached)
      • brown Poccillopora
      • green Poccillopora
      • red digitata
      • red encrusting monti plate
      • watermelon Millepora
      • pink Millepora
      • purple green sps
      • blueberry sps
      • purple pink Millepora
      • green deep sea Acro
      • green base brown polyps sps
    • LPS
      • Acan
      • 3 Hammer Corals (peach and 2 purple green)
      • 3 Supersun Coral frags
      • 2 branched Octo Corals (half green and half peach, light green)
      • Goniopora Corals (green tentacles and purple center, 2 purple tentacles green center)
      • Alveopora Coral
      • Elegance Corals (blue tip yellow body)
      • green Candy Cane
      • Duncan Coral
      • Fox Coral
    • Mushrooms
      • orange Ricordea yuma mushrooms
      • green Ricordea yuma mushrooms
      • red mushroom
      • purple mushroom
      • green mushroom
    • Soft Corals
      • Chilli Coral
      • red Flower Rock Anemone
      • 2 pink Rose Bud Tip Anemones
      • Toadstool Leather Mushroom
      • branched Finger Coral
      • 2 Gorgonians (purple branch with brown polyps, yellow  branch and polyps)
      • luminous green tree
      • bleached Finger Coral
    • Polyps 
      • purple Zoas
      • Fiery Red Zoas
      • 5 assorted Zoas
      • green Palythoa
      • 5 green Star Polyps
      • 5 Clove Polyps (2 gold, 1 green and 2 common)
      • 3 Daisy Polyps (brown and 2 green eyes)
      • grey pulsing Xenia
      • 17 frag plugs of Zoas
      • Zoas
      • green Clove
      • green Palythoa
      • pink Zoas
      • yellow frag + green base purple skirt Paly + green base brown skirt Zoas
  • Macroalgae (in sump)
    • Chaetomorpha
    • red Bamboo
    • green Bubble algae
    The technical details are:
    • Jebao Marine Aqua DC-6000 return pump
    • Maxspect R420R 16,000K 160W
    • Solite 2 x 24W T5 lights
    • Hailea HS-28A chiller
    • Reef Octopus BH1000 skimmer
    • Two Little Fishes Phosban Reactor running Phosban
    • MP25 and RW-8 wavemakers
    • Tunze Nano Osmolator
    • Marine Magic Triplet Dosing
    this FTS is with white lights and 0% blue lights

    a green Pocci looks brown
    a newly acquired green deep sea Acro

    a green SPS

    another new SPS

    one of my favourite green SPS

    this piece bleached recently

    a pink Millepora
    top view of the Pocci

    50% blue lights

    a purple Millepora turned pink

    this is the Red Planet SPS under white LED lights

    this is taken from the top

    2 clumps of Clove Polyps

    the supposedly purple Millepora

    another FTS

    the green deep sea Acro

    the purple Millepora

    the Blueberry SPS and pink Millepora SPS

    the top corner near the overflow

    the Pocci under blue lights

    the same Pocci

    the new green deep sea smooth skinned Acropora

    close-up of the Acropora

    the purple Millepora

    the pink Millepora

    the green Pocci

    Aquarium 4 with IOS (39 cm x 32 cm x 36 cm = 45 litres)

    I am too embarrassed to show photos of this aquarium. Recently, I realized the corals in here were bleaching and I nailed down the cause to the temperature, which was abnormally high. So I am still contemplating whether to continue with this aquarium.

    The livestock are:
    • Fishes
      • False Percula Clownfish
      • Hector Goby
    • Invertebrates
      • 3 Turbo Snails 
      • Nassarius Snail
      • Tuxedo Sea Urchin
    • Corals
      • Soft Coral
        • a few blue Actinodiscus mushrooms
      • Polyps
        • Zoas
      • Macroalgae
          • green Algae
          • red algae
      The technical information is as follows:
      • Sanrise LED Pro lights (without wifi)
      • Tunze Osmolator Nano
      • Boyu Cooling Fan