Thursday, April 11, 2013

DAYS 100-101

I told myself I must post about this before I forget about it.

When I first re-started reefing in January 13, I noticed there was quite a bit of small, white creatures, presumably copepods, that were crawling over my tank. However, I realized that I stopped seeing them altogether recently. I wonder if my current tank parameters are non-conducive for them to survive.

On a different note, I would usually look at the tank inhabitants in tank 1 and count the number of Sexy Shrimps in it to check if all 10 that I bought are still around. I would always heaved a sigh of relief when all of them are accounted for. However, just 2 days ago, I counted only 8 Sexy Shrimps and wondered if the remaining 2 were hiding behind the rock works. Yesterday, I found it very strange to spot only 1 shrimp and this morning even the only one was completely missing. 

I also found the white branched Goniopora either dead or dying. The typical tentacles didn't extend beyond the skeleton but looked as if they have receded almost completely.

While checking out the tank for any trace of the Sexy Shrimps, to my horror I spotted 2 small crabs. I initially thought that something must be eating them and I seriously wonder then if it was these crabs. How else can anyone explain the sudden disappearance of the Sexies after I had all 10 of them with me for 3 months now? I must start to set some traps for these crabs soon before I decide to purchase and add new Sexy Shrimps.

By the way, I added 2 gobies to tank 1 recently but I have not seen the Neon Goby ever since it was introduced. I feared it is dead. At least I could see the Red Spotted Goby hiding behind the rock works but I too am worried if it would be preyed upon by the crabs.

As for tank 2, there were a number of additions. The second seahorse was found to be dead when I came home from work. The Neon and Yellow Gobies got along fine initially when they were sharing the same container but I now noticed the Neon Goby has been chasing the Yellow Goby around.

The red Coco-Worm and the Tridacna maxima clam are simply amazing! The branched Gonipora has not opened up properly yet and I brought back the Chilli Coral and the branched Candy Cane from the office today. Unfortunately the Sympodium in this tank sort of melted away completely.

All in all, it was both a sad yet exciting day that saw the disappearance or death of some but addition of others

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

DAYS 91-93

2 days ago, I found Coco curling up her crown and thought something was wrong. Later that night, she was back to normal. I also saw something that looked like a small starfish clinging onto the glass. Let's see whether it develops into a full fledged specimen.

I don't often see Hector, but when I did, it was mostly in the day. I don't recall seeing him out in the waters when I am back from work every night. His disappearance act almost fooled me into thinking it was dead. As for Herman the electric blue Hermit Crab, he has been quite active and I am beginning to like him. But tomorrow is time for him to be transferred to my office Pico to help manage the hair algae problem. The poor seahorses were almost bleached white and I wonder how long more they can take it before giving up.

Today I also did what I wanted to do for a while. I didn't manage to buy the green and blue Daisy Polyps that I set out to buy but instead purchased a Sympodium coral, a small rock of red Goniopora and a mixed fluorescent and brown hammer coral and rescaped both tanks. Some of the corals are definitely not happy with me and I am still not pleased with the look for both tanks but it would do for now.

In the 27 litres pico tank 1, there are a few gaps for me to add some interesting stuff later. One is at the left hand bottom corner and one is at the right hand top corner behind the GSP. Both GSPs are not opening up fully but the 2 fluorescent Gonioporas are opening up quite well as I am typing this. When comparing the 2 plates of Sympodium corals, it is apparent that the original plate in this tank is quite bare. This was what I meant when I opined in a previous post that I suspect the Sexy Shrimps were behind this.

The 56 litres pico tank 2 was a mess and I had to clear up the rock of green bubble macroalgae. I transferred the brown mushroom finger coral to this tank and am certain the easy going coral would grow well here. What is interesting is I saw 2 small red corals on the rock although I do not know what they are. The Sympodium plate is definitely looking much fuller and better here. Let's see when it would fully open up. As for the hammer coral, it is still pretty much shrunk up and I am unable to capture its full colour. I guess patience is the key now. And oh, I managed to clear the 2 bubbles on the Zoa plate in this tank but unfortunately dislodged the 1 bubble in tank 1. I hope I won't get a bubble algae outbreak in tank 1.

Well, I will update again in a few days time when things are more stable.