Sunday, August 21, 2016

43 MONTHS 11, 12 AND 20 DAYS

I don't know if this is a Capnella?
These are photos taken recently.

this FTS was taken yesterday

one of my favourite fish Flame Angel coming into view

Friday, August 5, 2016


the intense green Acropora
As I acquired a few sps yesterday, I thought it might be good for me to show it here before I forget all about it. Unfortunately, I do think the aquarium that I see in person looked better than in the photos here. Somehow, the iphone camera couldn't pick up what I really see.
an early Acropora frag that I saved from a parent colony with stn

one of my favourite Acropora now with pinkish green body

a FTS that looked kind of empty but better in person

the right side

the left side
a browned out Millepora that I bought from Iwarna yesterday

one of 3 new sps I bought yesterday

the second new sps

the third one with a relocated Duncan coral far far away from the gsp

a pinkish Acropora frag

the top view of the right side

the supposedly browned out Millepora which I hope will colour up

I feel this sps has potential to look great! we shall see

close-up of this Acropora

a relocated green Pocci

the Acropora with a green base and more polyps extension

the Acropora valida is still small

a relocated Goniopora is now opening up happily
my big Royal Gramma in front of my only pink Acropora digitata from Taiwan!

a different gsp

my only growing plating Montipora with a green Acropora

i also shifted this large hammer coral

a new Zoas rock which is hard to see from here

I wonder if a black background would look better?

top view

the same Zoas rock seen from the top with blue Zoas

the Taiwan mushroom coral with other Acropora and Pocci frags