Saturday, February 28, 2015


Continuing off from the previous month, I was working my ass off for this month and I barely had 4 hours of sleep on workdays until the recent week. I am still feeling really physically tired and I have started to brainstorm for the next year's display since about 2 weeks ago.

Naturally, this month I have nothing much to update other than I purchased a M. digitata and a greenish Glove Polyps recently amongst some others.

The updates are presented below.

Aquarium 1 (1 ft cube - 27 litres)

I am just glad that the Possum Wrasse is still around. In addition, the Regal Blue Tang seemed to be getting bigger too. In time to come, I have to move him elsewhere although I'm worried they are carriers of marine ich and it would spread to my other fishes. 

The list of livestock is as follows:

  • Fishes 
    • 2 true Percula ocellaris Clowns
    • Regal Blue Tang
    • Possum Wrasse
  • Invertebrates 
    • 3 Turbo Snails 
    • Nassarius Snail
    • Tuxedo Sea Urchin
  • Corals
    • LPS
      • Acan
      • mega Blasto
      • Bubble Coral
      • Duncan Coral
    • Soft Corals
      • Rose Bud Tip Anemone and Bud Tip Anemone
      • White Tree Coral
      • Orange Tree Coral
    • Polyps
      • Anthelia
      • Zoas
      • Green Star Polyps
      • Glove Polyps
    • Mushrooms 
      • a few blue Actinodiscus mushrooms
  • Macroalgae
    • green Caulerpa
    • green cup algae
    • red algae
The technical information is as follows:
      • Atman HF-0600 HOB Filter
      • Maxspect Razor Nano 60W (10,000K) 
      • Tunze Osmolator Nano
      • Boyu Cooling Fan

        the two true Percula clowns

        the Blue Tang

        strangely, the Zoas and other soft corals don't seem to grow here

        something must be lacking

        even the Anthelia is reluctant to grow

        the Bubble Coral

        the Duncan

          Aquarium 3 (3 x 1.5 x 1.5 feet and sump - 250 litres)
          I just threw away a pink Pocci that bleached and a Fuji birdnest that had stn for a while. The 2 clumps of golden Glove Polyps are growing pretty fast and they are growing many new polyps.

          The updated list of livestock is:
          • Fishes
            • false Percula Clown Fish
            • 2 black Clowns
            • Purple Tang
            • Blue-yellow Damsel
            • Six Line Wrasse
            • Yellow Tang
            • Yellow Clown Goby
            • Flame Angel
          • Invertebrates
            • Turbo and Nassarius snails
            • red Linckia starfish
            • purple Linckia starfish
            • 2 Tuxedo Urchins
            • 2 Cleaner Skunk Shrimps
            • Fire Shrimp
            • Yellow Fan Worm
            • Fromia starfish
            • brown polyps Gorgonian
            • yellow polyps Gorgonian
            • Sea Fan
            • Toadstool Leather Mushroom
          • Corals
            • SPS
              • Horn Coral
              • 2 frags of green digitata
              • frag of Birdnest
              • frag of pink Birdnest
              • frag of purple digitata
              • frag of Fibre Optic Pocci
              • frag of green Stylophora
              • peach Monti cap
              • green Monti cap
              • frag of red digitata
              • frag of sunset Monti
              • orange Cyphastrea
              • blue sps
              • purple Birdnest
              • Red Planet
              • green Pocci
              • maroon Pocci
              • green purple Pocci
              • green encrusting Monti
              • red Millepora
              • unknown digitata
              • yellow Birdnest
            • LPS
              • 4 Acans
              • Hammer Coral
              • 3 Supersun Coral frags
              • yellow Bubble Coral
              • Octo Coral
              • green and blue Goniopora
              • red Goniopora
              • purple Alveopora with blue eye
              • peach Hammer Coral
              • Elegance Coral
            • Mushrooms
              • orange Ricordea yuma mushrooms
              • rock of blue Actinodiscus mushrooms
              • red Actinodiscus mushrooms
              • green Ricordea yuma mushrooms
              • red mushrooms
            • Soft Corals
              • 2 Chilli Corals
              • red Flower Rock Anemone
              • 2 pink Rose Bud Tip Anemones
              • green tipped anemone
            • Polyps 
              • purple Zoas
              • Fiery Red Zoas
              • green Palythoa
              • 5 green Star Polyps
              • 4 assorted Zoas
              • Clove Polyps
              • Clove Polyps with green eye
              • 2 golden Gloves
              • grey Glove Polyps
              • grey pulsing Xenia
          • Macroalgae (in sump)
            • Caulerpa
            • Chaetomorpha
            • red Bamboo
            The technical details are:
            • Jebao Marine Aqua DC-6000 return pump
            • Maxspect R420R 16,000K 160W
            • Reef Octopus BH1000 skimmer
            • 2 Two Little Fishes Phosban Reactor running Phosban
            • Cooling Fan
            • Fluval 3 external filter
            • MP25 and RW-8 wavemakers
            • Tunze Nano Osmolator
            • Marine Magic Triplet Dosing
            I turned it on to 100% white and 100% blue to take the photos

            the purple has become kind of bleached

            I'm loving this green polyps leather mushroom

            a purple base yellow polyps gorgonian

            this Optic Fiber Pocci is finally picking up

            I couldn't capture the looks of the golden Glove under this light

            I turned off the blue lights and everything looks brown

            this originally green unknown also bleached out

            the grey pulsing Xenia

            the top view

            the only Birdnest that seems to do well

            top view of golden Gloves

            the grey Gloves and Daisy coral

            the golden Hammer that didn't look golden here

            Aquarium 4 (39 x 32 x 41 cm with 7 cm IOS - 55 litres) 
            There are no photos of this for posting this month because I forgot to take any.

            The updated list of livestock is:
            • Fishes
              • Gold Maroon Clown Fish
              • Blue-yellow Damsel Fish
            • Invertebrates
              • Turbo snails
            • Corals
              • Polyps
                • Anthelia
                • Zoas
            • Macroalgae
              • green algae
              • Chaetomorpha
            The technical details are:
            • Green Element LED 60W (12 White 12,000K and 8 Blue 460 nm)